Halping snakes survive cruelties since 1987

The snakes are dying out, and we need YOUR help to make sure they survive!


Meet Bob, a sassy Saint Croix Racer snake, now living in a warm, loving home in our Brazil Shelter. 

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Bear Grylls - not just in for the thrills.

Bear Grylls, the tv-star and explorer, is together with us helping to raise money and awareness for the snakes. The team and him have been on a number of adventures in unsuitable living areas for snakes and helped take them to a better place. Already, we have together with his help managed to saved over 200 snakes and given them a home.


Bear Grylls has himself said that it is one of his all time favourite charities and thinks that what we are doing is great for the snakes and the world. He, just like us, knows that snakes are a very important part in biodiversity, and if too many spieces of them were to become extinct then it would destroy some of the food chains and eventually have an extensive impact on the world.


Be like Bear Grylls, help 'Slithering Somewhere Safe' to raise money for the poor creatures who deserve a home, just like us.